About me

I’ve been working in the Financial Services industry for over four years now. I hold a designation in financial planning and work in wealth management. I’ve got a real Linkedin page and my ugly mug on a webpage with fancy letters after my name. I don’t know what makes someone a professional but I think I’m one of them. Oh, and I’m Trans. When I came out to the partners at my firm one of them asked if there was a guidebook. He knew there wasn’t I knew there wasn’t but it inspired me to start writing about my experiences. I’m still pretty early into the whole transition thing medically, but I’ve spent the last five years getting to this point. I’ve grown and changed a lot in that time and I’m excited to see what living life authentically, as the hipsters say, feels like.

I enjoy reading and have been on behavioral psychology/behavioral finance binge. when I’m not reading trashy Science Fiction that is. I abhor the big city lifestyle which is why I’m trying to blaze a path as a Trans financial advisor in a town that only recently started allowing Pride parades. I hate the term trail blazer, I would much prefer the trail already be blazed but such is life.

I’m sure there’s more about me but I don’t think I’m very interesting so I’m going to stop here.

In the interest of full disclosure. I don’t have all the answers but I’d like to share the ones I have.